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Remote system to control the costs of housing

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DOMIt is a comprehensive system that continually monitors the consumption of hot and cold water, heat and electricity. Radio measuring devices installed in each room or bathroom after an hour of sending the actual data to headquarters, where they are evaluated and shared in the information system. Data are available to students in the mobile application READINGS MADALENA. It is available for download on Google Play, or using the QR code placed on the gatehouse. Thus, it is possible to stay current on your own media consumption.

The system set up error messages that record excessive consumption that may arise from failure or inefficient operation of guests and therefore can SÚZ VSE immediately respond to possible failures or accidents.

With this newly introduced system will have individual accommodation accurate overview of their consumption and the related housing costs.


The accommodation in ISKAM occur from 5th to 9th 2016 distribution price of accommodation on campus Jarov II. into two parts. The fixed portion of the rent and a variable component for actually consumed by the media. Price incl. the applicable VAT rate for each media unit for 2016 are as follows:

Price:              per 1 cubic meter of cold water =   85,18 Kč
                       1 cubic meter of hot water = 161,94 Kč
                      1GJ for heat = 307,05 Kč
                      per 1 kWh of electricity =     3,21 Kč

Student after the end of each month prescribe readings in CZK according to actual consumption for the past month, which should be paid by the 20th of the following month. (Failure to comply with payment date, begins on penalties) In the event of the termination of accommodation in the room during the month, the statement made on the last day of accommodation.
Reinvoicing price University of Economics is not the owner of licenses for the sale of electricity or heat produced by the Energy Regulatory Office can not therefore determine its own price with a possible profit, as do other vendors.

Thus, students may not be charged more than the total price of the respective vendor
Students are therefore invoiced only the items representative of the consumption of the media on the cell (room), no fixed payments or payments for booking performance, etc.
For billing media RFA covers:
  • Still only payments
  • Costs of losses on the distribution media
  • Costs of common areas, building operation and cleaning
Other information in the presentation: Remote measuring of energy consumption, Jarov II
The rules for distribution of heat are declared in law: 194/2007 Sb. – full version  here (cz). For the cost redistribution we use čl. čl. I. par. 7a odst.2 237 / 2014 strana 2706: priloha001.